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Scarinex is the best thing for scars!! I tried all the home remedies, and most of the over the counter stuff, and nothing really worked. Since there was a money back guarantee, I thought I would try Scarinex too, not having much hope. None of the other products I tried said I could get my money back!! But I never had to call for a refund, it just worked, plain and simple, and my scars now are hardly noticeable at all.

Mary T.

After trying everything else, I finally tried Scarinex, which I should have done to begin with. I am happy to say that you can barely see the scar on my face after about 2 and a half months of using scarinex! Thanks!

Kalisha S.

Your company created 2 great products. I used them both and had better results than what my doctor gave me. Great product!

Marcel D.


My last baby was delivered by C-Section. I have always had a great body and wore a bikini all summer long. But after the baby, I had to buy a one piece suit, Yuck!! I lost the baby fat, but not the scar. So, I asked my doctor if there was anything I could do, and she suggested Scarinex. It was a pretty big scar, so it was not an overnight fix, but I kept applying it, and now you can hardly notice any scar at all. I love it!!

Kathy F.

Scarinex Rocks! I thought I would have to live with my scar forever. But I tried your product and I'm a happy happy man!

James L.

Scarinex got rid of my scars! Thank you for a great product!

Heather W.

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Last year, I had plastic surgery. I thought plastic surgery left no scars. Silly me. I had a few very bright and ugly scars. My face looked better because of the surgery, but I was very self conscious for anyone to come close to me, and see the scars. A friend, who also had facial surgery, told me that she had used Scarinex, so I decided to try it too. I was truly amazed! I woke up the next morning and it was already lighter. I kept using Scarinex, and now you really have to search to see any scars.

Stacey K.

I was skeptical at first, but I thought I would give this stuff a try and I'm glad I did. The scar on my stomach is so small now that its barely noticeable. Thank you very much!

Shawn A.

Scarinex greatly reduced my Acne Scars!

Heather 0.






Have you ever seen anyone with ugly pock marks on their face? Well I have these really ugly scars from Acne, when I was a teenager. I saw on the Internet that Scarinex helped with all kind of scars, so I gave it a try. And, wow, it worked. The scars are still there, but light and livable instead of the ugly red marks I used to have. Thank you Scarinex!!!

Judy R.

I love my cat, but she can be vicious, especially if she is jealous. So, I had these really ugly scratch scars on my arms and face. No one believed me that my cat did it!! I was searching for a solution and found Scarinex, and it worked so well, I kept buying more. The gel lighted the scars within a few days, and the cream make my skin look normal again.

Tina P.

Thank you guys so much! I have used scarinex regularly for a few months and my scars from acne have improved soooo much! you guys are the best!!

Sam M.

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